About Me, The JWizard

Hello and welcome to my website and blog, my name is Justin Perry, but my friends call me JWizard, I am 34 years old, and I decided to create this blog because many times throughout my life, by many different people, I have been told I should write a book. I don’t really have any type of book writing experience, nor do I necessarily want to be an author, but hosting a blog seems pretty cool because I am free to express myself in different ways other than just the written word.

( It is impossible to do any work at home on my PC without having one of my cats get involved, so I am just going to have them integrated from the start. On the right is Boots reminding me to make sure I don’t leave him out, what a rascal! )



(That is Chewy, my other feline roommate, Seriously, they have been all over me as I write this About Me page. It wouldn’t be right if I left them out, and they are a big part of my life )

My top 5 Favorite ways to spend my free time are, in no particular order are:

-Play the piano

-Dance, specifically Breakdancing and Swing Dancing

-Hang out with my kitties

-Go jogging and stretch

-Play Basketball and Hacky Sack

I don’t watch too much TV or movies anymore as I seem to spend my sit down time working on this blog. However, I do like to watch a flick every now and then. I still don’t have Netflix, in case you were wondering.

In no particular order, my top 5 favorite movies are:

-Happy Gilmore

-The Notebook

-Blades of Glory

-Ninja Scroll

-The Aristocats


I usually wake up to a situation like this. Bedhead and 2 kitties in some bizarre yin yang ball. I hope you enjoy cruising around my site and be sure to hit that “like”, “subscribe”, “follow”, “share” button on which ever social media platform you prefer. You can also follow me on  Instagram for more pictures of my cats @theJwizard. Fair warning, it’s mostly pictures of my cats.