Are Traffic Exchange Services Useful or Just Time Consuming?

I very recently started to develop my digital entrepreneur mentality and skill set, and I have come to understand this is no easy task. Although it is obvious people are making money online, because I know I am spending money online. It’d like to get into the make money online side of things. I have only recently started to work from home and have been spending a lot of time studying and learning the ins and outs of many different online business models. Regardless of what the actual business model, the fundamental principles to sustainability are the same.

Without over complicating anything, The Keys to Online Success are something as follows:

-Generate Targeted Traffic to a Landing Page.

-Build a List of Targeted Leads

-Let the email auto responder follow up sales system to it’s thing, and hopefully these leads convert.

In theory it is very simple. However, when you actually get in there and try to generate traffic, one learns very quickly, this is quite challenging! Unless you already have a bunch of traffic generating strategies AND experience, conjuring targeted traffic out of thin air is very time consuming.

Which brings me to my next point, if I make 15 dollars an hour at my current job, and spend that 15 dollars on paid advertising or traffic, I get WAY more hits than I would if I spend an hour of my own time generating web traffic myself.

I have no problem investing money into my business at this time, I am just starting out, but any money spent is a learning experience. I also don’t spend absurd amounts of money on traffic or advertising, because I don’t want to waste too much of my money if things are not operating as smooth as they could be. Getting someone to my website or landing page is just one step. Whether they opt in or buy something is another matter all together.

This is the current lesson in my journey self taught trial and error. Today I joined 2 traffic exchange websites:

TrafficAdBar and EasyHits4U.

Both are simple enough, as I surf the traffic exchange network, one page I visit, becomes one visit on my webpage, that is the idea anyway. The option to spend a bit of money on credits is also available at both exchange service websites.

It has come to my attention though, that the main reason people are on these traffic exchange websites is to simply get the traffic to their own websites, which is reasonable. I spent a good amount of time surfing on TrafficAdBar to see what it was all about. Like myself, many people had their own landing pages to build their lists. To be honest, I am sure a lot of them are generally good at what they do and are also trying to make a buck like myself.

I have nothing against them, but I realized that I wasn’t particularly interested in joining their list and in truth, I doubt they care about joining mine. But to be fair, I did bookmark a decent amount of peoples pages so I can check them out at a later time. Hopefully, they did the same with mine.

At this time, I feel like I am taking the lazy approach to online marketing and business. Well, lazy is slightly inappropriate, I just don’t understand enough to put the work in where it counts, this is due to my lack of experience in general.

The webpage I have been offering in the traffic exchange is simply a lead capture page to build my list. I can understand why this doesn’t work, it’s slightly intrusive and doesn’t provide much value, it is basically offering people a mystery box in exchange for their email address. I can understand if they are weary about this because very little or no trust has been established, which no one is particularly interested in. This is my new strategy, I am setting up this blog and putting it into the traffic exchange services and see what happens.

There is a good chance you arrived on this blog from a traffic exchange site, and that is cool, I appreciate that you are reading this far. I would appreciate a ‘like’, ‘share’, and/or ‘follow’ on one of my social media profiles to start establishing some credibility. Also, please bookmark this site as I will be updating my blog and sharing my experiences frequently, and hopefully this will be providing some insights into your online business success as well.





Author: JWizard

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