My Internet Angst: Too Many Profiles!

I’ve come to the understanding that my resistance and anxiety towards social media is really starting to hold me back. I want to say something like “as the world progresses and social media becomes more important…”, but we already well beyond that point. I feel like I should be saying something like “If you are not hauling ass on social media, you are a on the verge of being subhuman” because that is how I feel.

Having pretty severe social anxiety and underlying paranoia issues almost always spills over into the online world. I am not paranoid in terms of people are watching me, but am more the type that is afraid I am going to do something wrong. I read the ‘terms of use’ repeatedly because I am nervous I am going to do something wrong and get in trouble with some legal breach. I know it is silly, but that underlying paranoia is always there. I am aware that the Facebook or whatever is just going to send me a message if I do something wrong, and it will be fixed accordingly, but it still adds that extra pressure to myself.

It also doesn’t help that my parents are also quite paranoid about these things, my father in particular. During my childhood, my father was very often telling me about exaggerated hacker stories about how the CIA is watching us, the Russians were stealing our bank information, and the Chinese were hacking into defense satellites so they could shoot missiles at us. It was exhausting.

I developed an inherited discontent for internet usage from my dad constantly barraging me with negativity about it. He still talks like Facebook and google might not catch on, and is proud at how he doesn’t follow these ‘trendy’ gimmicks. The problem is, now they are fundamental, not trendy. Google ranking means adequate survival for a lot of businesses, and Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms available.

My grievance now is that because I had such a strong subconscious block for using the internet, I feel like I am actually being left behind in terms of relevant skill sets in today’s society. The past little while, I’ve sincerely committed to developing my online marketing skill set, and have been drastically overwhelmed.

The good thing is, I am making significant progress. I know having a website or a blog to many is basic, but it has been a very big stepping stone for me. I am on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, but rarely use them, managing so many accounts is daunting. Having this webpage serves as my home base but advertising it on the other social media platforms can still be a chore.

I have sought out a few online marketing mentors and all of them say the same thing, Focus and Optimize! It’s important to not get overwhelmed by having so many profiles and just focus and master a few. Sometimes more is not better, more is just more.


Author: JWizard

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